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Brazil Sao Sebastiao

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Meet our Brazil Sao Sebastiao, "passe partout", the coffee that aims to please. It serves as your welcoming ticket to the world of specialty coffee without venturing into uncharted territory. Made with low altitude Cerrado Mineiro Brazilian beans, you can expect a very comforting classic profile. Being specialty coffee roasters, we understand the need for coffee to be approachable for everyone, and it's not just about the price. In response to numerous requests for a more traditional, less adventurous, lighter coffee, we created the Brazil Sao Sebastiao profile. Its full body, creamy dulce de leche, biscotti notes, mild hints of orange and honey crisp apples make it the perfect "any time, anywhere" coffee. Great in drip, or full submersion methods, espresso and delicious with milk.

notes: dulce de leche, biscotti, orange, honeycrisp apple

roast: medium roast

origin: Cerrado-Mineiro, Minas Gerais, Brazil

producer: Norival Alves Mundim & family

varieties: Topazio

process: natural

altitude: 990 - 1100m

Brewing ratios for best results: Espresso 1:2, Allonge 1:4, Drip / Pour-over 1:16.

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