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Finca Paraiso

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This washed Colombian Castillo coffee from Mr. Wilton Benitez is our commitment to working with his family farm, where each coffee has consistently impressed us. This coffee has notes of passionfruit, little strawberries and sweet cane sugar. We love serving it as espresso, it’s very juicy, sweet an has a vibrant acidity, skillfully contained for a Colombian coffee. In recent years, finding truly exceptional Colombian coffees has posed a challenge, but Mr. Wilton Benitez remains a reliable source of top-quality beans. It is delicious in espresso, it sweetens up with milk, aromatic and juicy as a drip / pour-over. 

Brewing ratios for best results:

Espresso 1:2, Allonge 1:4, Drip / Pour-over 1:16.

notes: passion fruit, sugar cane, rose, chocolate

producer: Wilton Benitez

farm: Granja Paraiso 92

varieties: Castillo

process: Washed

altitude: 2100 m

whole bean coffee