Ethiopia Sidamo - Micro Espresso

Ethiopia Sidamo

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One of our more delicate, elegant coffees. Our Ethiopia Sidamo will start your day with a smile on your face and the sophisticated feeling of having made the right choice first thing in the morning. Its silky, smooth honey, orange blossom and strawberry aroma is perfect when you want something sweet but not too overpowering. An incredible choice for drip, pour-over. It can work as an espresso but we prefer it as a drip, where its delicate notes will shine through at every sip. 

Brewing ratios for best results:

Espresso 1:2, Allonge 1:4, Drip / Pour-over 1:16.

notes: watermelon, orange blossom, strawberry

roast: light roast

origin: Kura, Aleto Wendo, Sidamo, Ethiopia

washing station: Tomas Tangalo

varieties: Ethiopian Landraces

process: Washed

altitude: 1770 - 1800 m

whole bean coffee